Starting Off

I’m new to blogging. I started because its kind of like a journal for me but I can get feedback instead of hiding everything. I will write lots about my life seeming how probably none of you know me or ever will. I’m going to start out with some things about me.
I’m currently 14. My birthday is in August. As you probably guessed my name is Levon pronounced Leevon just like Levon Helm the drummer. I was actually named after the Elton John song though. I was and still am born and raised in Trochu, AB, Canada. My parents are both from Saskatchewan but I’m not going to write much about them unless you want to hear about them which if you do infact want to then give me your feedback. I am the smallest kid from my grade which is grade nine down to grade 7. I’m 4’9″ currently. My hobbies include: skateboarding (I’m not your average stoner skater), guitar, hockey, parkour, biking, motor biking, art (sketching mainly) and pretty much anything to do with music. I’m quite talented in music. My dad is the music instructor for our band (senior band) and I play trombone along with my classmate Chloe and a few other people in higher grades. I’m an honor student every year and also hold the top band mark for three years with my friend Abigail who plays the sax. Any of your feedback is very appreciated. Question of the week is how often should I write a blog and what about specifically? Thankyou for reading and I will A B C you later